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Veterinarians & Emergency Care

National Organizations

National Level – can look for local chapters; services vary by state and can offer good articles and educational materials

  • Largest dog registry, presumption of having reputable US breeders;
  • Can get information about breed standards and the temperaments you should expect in the adult dog
  • Has a non-profit arm that works to re-home dogs breeders can no longer house and offers them to rescues for adoption
  • Lists of breeders by state including puppies for sale – very beneficial to engage with a puppy evaluator!


Basic Obedience Training,generally, for puppies!

T-Touch teaches a gentle, respectful method of training, that honors the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people and develops trust between humans and animals.  Certified T-Touch therapy can be found in many countries, and can be applied to all domesticated animals and some wild species.

Find dog-friendly hotels worldwide, vacation rentals, dog parks, dog-related activities and restaurants, along with airline pet policies.

Local chapters often have Facebook pages or you can locate a chapter near you from their website.

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Fluent Woof
A wonderful resource on any dog topic you can think of!
First Aid – great article!

 “As an empty nester… I was looking to get another dog. Phyllis knew of just the right match for me and my family. We fell head over heels in love with this little girl from day one. Phyllis knew that we needed a smart and loveable puppy and did a fantastic job imprinting her with good habits during the first several weeks, which meant I had much less work to do on puppy training! She is a sweet dog who fills my heart with joy and fun every day, she learns new tricks really fast, loves to follow me around the house, and is a champion snuggler!