One Paw At A Time, Please

each service per dog
  • ASSESS: Phone Consult $55: 45-60 minute call. Can be used in any phase.
  • ASSESS: Written Plan $20: Identify next steps based on phone consult.
  • RESEARCH: $10/hour: Identify 3-4 options for you to consider, e.g., Breeder or Rescue? Puppy or Adult? Best Resources? How do I re-home or find sanctuary care?, etc.
  • MATCH: $40/hour: Meet with current family members and prospective dogs to evaluate and provide feedback on compatibility.
  • TEACH/COACH: $40/hour: We select training activities to practice while I coach. Can be by video, phone, or in person
  • BONUS: $30: 30-minute energy massage for your dog

Let's Get Started!

Basic Package
$ 60 per dog
  • Discount vs Individual Services: 20% per dog
  • Provides a consult and a written document describing things to work on with your dog
  • Phone Consult to assess needs of people and their dogs
  • Written Plan describing planned activities based on phone discussion

Fetch & Test

Standard Package
$ 125 per dog
  • Discount vs Individual Services: 25% per dog
  • Includes Basic Package PLUS three sessions; examples are:
  • A: 60-minutes evaluating possible adoption options; can include temperament testing
  • B: 60-minutes assessing behavior concerns via video or in person
  • C: BONUS 30-minutes assessment of human and canine learning triggers

Nose To Tail

Premium Package
$ 300 per dog
  • Discount vs Individual Services: 10% per dog
  • Addresses complex canine or family dynamics affecting the human-dog relationship
  • Includes one Canine Communication session (30 minutes via phone or in person)**.
  • Includes THREE Teaching/Coaching sessions per our plan
  • Bonus: FREE 30-minute massage therapy session for your dog (a $30 value)
  • All sessions include a plan update plus one follow-up progress check via phone or in-person

 “As an empty nester… I was looking to get another dog. Phyllis knew of just the right match for me and my family. We fell head over heels in love with this little girl from day one. Phyllis knew that we needed a smart and loveable puppy and did a fantastic job imprinting her with good habits during the first several weeks, which meant I had much less work to do on puppy training! She is a sweet dog who fills my heart with joy and fun every day, she learns new tricks really fast, loves to follow me around the house, and is a champion snuggler!