From Family Dogs


  • English Cocker
  • Learned about eye surgery for entropia
  • Taught me grooming techniques


  • Standard Poodle
  • Learned that seniors make great companions
  • Taught me to be grateful even though her time with us was too short


  • English Field Spaniel (Blue Roan)
  • My first dog
  • Learned about health issues created by pet store/puppy mill dogs
  • Taught me what unconditional love really means


  • Standard Poodle (Blue)
  • Learned about adopting from responsible breeder
  • Taught me how to listen and respect end of life requests from my companion


  • Standard Poodle (Blue)
  • Learned patience when working with a shy, feral dog
  • Taught me animal communications and massage techniques


  • Standard Poodle (Red)
  • Learned how important gaining health history is
  • Taught me how long goofy puppy stage can last (6 years!)


  • Irish Setter (Red)
  • Learned why impulse buying or rescuing isn’t a good idea
  • Taught me how to train dogs in basic obedience


  • Miniature Poodle<
  • Learned about poodle digestive issues (IBD)
  • Taught me what a good size and temperament miniature poodles can be, even with children!


  • Poodle/Shitzu (black/gray)
  • Learned how every dog is unique in temperament; he loved children (which many small dogs don’t)
  • Taught me how much it hurts to lose a dog to an accidental death at a younger age

 “As an empty nester… I was looking to get another dog. Phyllis knew of just the right match for me and my family. We fell head over heels in love with this little girl from day one. Phyllis knew that we needed a smart and loveable puppy and did a fantastic job imprinting her with good habits during the first several weeks, which meant I had much less work to do on puppy training! She is a sweet dog who fills my heart with joy and fun every day, she learns new tricks really fast, loves to follow me around the house, and is a champion snuggler!